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Are You Willing to Risk Your Security by Skipping SDL? | Intel Technology

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Should you separate software development and security in the product development lifecycle?

In this Cyber Security Inside video, Tom and Camille talk with Harshil Parikh. They get into the connection between software development and security and the numerous potentials that come with it. When structured right, this relationship can completely transform the SDL of every organization. 


The Chasm Between Software Development and Security

In today’s rapid development environment, developers are empowered to make decisions that prioritize speed. They are allowed to use their technology stack and deploy as they wish. Essentially, the goal is to gain a competitive advantage through faster time-to-market. 

Although this decision shortens the product development lifecycle, it puts security in the back seat. It also increases the risk of spotting vulnerabilities too late. 

Instead of that scenario, it’s time to integrate software development and security into the entire development lifecycle. This integration will ensure that organizations get to the market faster with highly secure products.


Harshil Parikh: The SDL Automation Expert for Software Development and Security

Harshil Parikh- software development and security


Harshil Parikh is the founder and CEO of Tromzo, which is an application security management platform automating SDL. He is experienced in building security and compliance from the group up and scaling it with people, processes, and technology.

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