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Your source for cybersecurity, sustainability, and technology in one podcast

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In this podcast series, InTechnology (formally known as Cyber Security Inside), we broaden our scope – in addition to cyber security, we focus on sustainability and technology. Camille Morhardt interviews industry leaders and business professionals to get their insights and wisdom on addressing cybersecurity, sustainability, and key technologies. We invite subject matter experts to explain new concepts and jargon through What That Means,  a companion series of InTechnology, so you can stay at the top of your game.

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Technology, cybersecurity, and sustainability are the 3 major topics that keep many senior business professionals awake at night. How can you ensure your data safety, and also maintain a minimal carbon footprint when the latest technologies aren’t always environmentally-friendly? Cybersecurity, technology, and sustainability are like a wobbly 3-legged stool – everyone is struggling to find a balance between agility, quality, and cost-efficiency. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, we’ll all do something wonderful with something sustainable. 

We help you understand what is working, what needs to change, and the future trends.

Tune in and learn more about what we can do better when it comes to technology, cybersecurity, and sustainability.

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Why DID we start the podcast?

We love cybersecurity, sustainability, and technologies and enjoy talking and learning more about them. We kicked off our first episode on 9/15/2020 and have published one episode per week. We hope you enjoy our podcast.

Who Are We?

Camille Morhardt

Co-founder and Host, InTechnology Podcast and Director in Intel’s Security Center of Excellence

Camille eloquently humanizes and distills complex technical concepts into enjoyable conversations. With over a decade experience starting and ramping product lines from edge to cloud, she talks easily with top technical experts to get the definitions directly from those who are defining them, and to explore hot topics and arguments they face. She is part of Intel’s Security Center of Excellence.

Tom Garrison

Podcast Co-founder and Former Co-host, Vice President, Client Computing Group, GM Strategy Management Team at Intel

An experienced executive leading Intel’s Client Strategy Management Team focused on strategic development and partnership deals that deliver measurable results for the business. Experience includes cybersecurity initiatives, product development, sales, and strategic planning. Leadership coach and former co-host of the InTechnology podcast.