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NASA Rocket Scientist Talks Space Exploration and Quantum Being

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What can we learn by leaving Earth?

In this InTechnology video, Camille talks with Shehnaz Soni, Senior System Engineer at NASA and author of The Quantum Being. They get into taking space exploration to the next level with the Artemis project, as well as reflections on space, time, and human consciousness.

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Taking Space Exploration to the Next Level

Shehnaz delves into her role in the Artemis III mission, a manned expedition aimed at landing on the moon’s far side and conducting a week-long stay. She outlines the collaboration between various organizations, including NASA, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, the European Space Agency, and Boeing. She draws parallels between the incremental construction of the Artemis project and the development of the International Space Station. Shehnaz shares with Camille her perspective on humanity’s intrinsic urge to explore, viewing space exploration as a continuation of our ancient quest for knowledge beyond our immediate surroundings. Yet, she advocates for an approach to space exploration reminiscent of Star Trek—emphasizing learning, coexistence, and peace. Shehnaz envisions human missions to the Moon and Mars as gateways to discovering new resources and redefining our understanding of humanity and the cosmos.

Reflecting on Space, Time, and the Essence of Human Consciousness

The conversation shifts to a philosophical examination of space, time, and the human condition with Camille. Shehnaz recounts her childhood in Pakistan, where the sky offered her hope and a profound curiosity about the universe, blending scientific inquiry with spiritual introspection. This blend of her aerospace expertise and philosophical insights culminates in her book. Shehnaz interprets time as a construct of perception, encouraging individuals to pursue their passions fearlessly. Circling back to the theme of space exploration, she highlights the necessity for an expanded human consciousness, especially in adapting to the increased reliance on technology required for living and working in space.

Shehnaz Soni, Senior System Engineer at NASA and author of The Quantum Being

Shehnaz Soni NASA Artemis space exploration

Shehnaz presently holds the position of Senior System Engineer at NASA, contributing to the Artemis III mission, having previously served as both a Senior Flight Software Engineer and Senior Flight System Engineer. Prior to her tenure at NASA, she dedicated over twenty years to Boeing, assuming various engineering positions and participating in significant projects like the Space Launch System and the International Space Station. She obtained her degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. Beyond her engineering expertise, Shehnaz identifies as a Quantum Coach and Spiritual Alchemist, demonstrating her commitment to merging scientific inquiry with spiritual pursuits. This fusion is highlighted in her publication, The Quantum Being: A Self-Sustaining and Magnificent Human Craft, where she explores the intersection of science and spirituality.


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