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Get Smarter About Cyber Security

Relevant cyber security topics in clear, easy to understand language.

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In this weekly podcast, we have real conversations and in-depth commentary from leading cyber security experts. Learn about current issues, emerging technologies, and ways to navigate the rapidly transforming landscape. Whether you are a CISO, security personnel, or technology enthusiast, you may find interesting perspectives.

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Cyber Security is no longer a topic that is addressed only by programmers and coders. CISOs and their executive peers need to think about “cyber security” differently. In this podcast, Tom Garrison, Vice President and GM of Client Security Strategy and Initiatives, and co-host Camille Morhardt, Director of Security Initiatives & Communications, will discuss relevant topics from latest security breach to blockchain and NFT in clear, easy to understand language. 

Camille’s special feature on “What That Means”, a short talk with experts, breaks down technical terms such as quantum computing, ethical hacking, security policy, privacy, artificial intelligence and more in plain English. 

Occasionally, Tom and Camille also go “Live from the Green Room” to chat with guests so that you don’t miss the highlights of key industry conferences.

This podcast is intended for security experts and businesspeople alike. We have industry leaders join in the conversation about today’s most important and timely security topics. Our goal is after listening, you walk away smarter about Cyber Security, and of course have fun along the way.

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Why DID we start the podcast?

We love cyber security and enjoy talking and learning more about it. We not only work with cyber security experts at Intel, but also work closely with our customers to provide framework so that they can tackle cyber security through their supply-chain.

We kicked off our first episode on 9/15/2019 and have been published one episode per week. We hope you enjoy our podcast.

Who Are We?

Tom Garrison

VP & GM Client Security Strategy & Initiatives at Intel Corporation

As executive leader of Intel’s cyber security strategy and initiatives, Tom thrives on enhancing security assurance, providing supply chain transparency, and collaboration around cyber security innovation. Industry-wide initiatives and research projects abound with the target to accelerate cyber security product assurance and consumer safety.

Camille Morhardt

Director, Security Initiatives  & Communications at Intel Corporation

With over a decade experience starting and leading product lines in tech from edge to cloud, Camille eloquently humanizes and distills complex technical concepts into enjoyable conversations. Camille is host of “What That Means,” Cyber Security Inside podcast, where she talks with top technical experts to get the definitions directly from those who are defining them. She is part of Intel’s Security Center of Excellence, and passionate about Compute Lifecycle Assurance, an industry initiative to increase supply chain transparency and security.