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Secure Online Shopping with AI and Machine Learning

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Are you a smart online shopper when it comes to security?

In this InTechnology video, Tom and Camille talk with Armen Najarian, an industry advisor in digital fraud and identity, and Jim Ducharme, COO at Outseer. They get into the security risks of “buy now, pay later” installment plans for online shopping, how they’re using AI and machine learning to catch fraudsters, and how consumers can spot phishing scams from brand impersonators.

Risks of “Buy Now, Pay Later” Installment Plans

Nearly everyone does some online shopping these days, and companies have come up with new ways to help consumers buy their products. One method is the “buy now, pay later” model where consumers make payments in installments, similar to credit but separated from traditional financial institutions. This is convenient for both consumers and companies, but it comes at the cost of security.

Cybercriminals can now hack into consumer accounts on “buy now, pay later” payment plans because they have reduced security by not being traditional credit and because shoppers are still using these payment plans for the first time. This puts consumers at risk for account takeover fraud, synthetic identity fraud, and identity theft.

Using AI and Machine Learning to Catch Fraudsters

Jim and Armen share how companies like Outseer are using AI and machine learning to catch fraudsters in the act and prevent them from doing more harm. Cybercriminals can attempt to impersonate consumers with their data such as their name, login credentials, location, device, and so on. Security engines built on AI and machine learning counter these fraudulent purchases by using hundreds of data points to verify a shopper’s identity. They also use this advanced technology to find patterns in online shopping scams such as through “buy now, pay later” options.

Beware of Phishing and Brand Impersonation

To wrap things up, Armen and Jim get into phishing scams and brand impersonation. As a way to get around the new security measures for online shopping, scammers are using advanced phishing scams and brand impersonation techniques to get consumer data. These phishing attacks may look almost legitimate, using the branding and even similar-looking URLs as real companies, to gain consumer trust. Then, they have customers enter their credentials to gain access to their accounts. The good news is that companies like Outseer are using multifaceted approaches to detecting these scams and shutting them down early.

Jim Ducharme, Outseer Chief Operating Officer

Jim Ducharme buy now pay later online shopping phishing

Jim Ducharme is currently the COO of Outseer, an RSA Company. He has three decades of experience in tech, which began by earning a degree in computer science from the University of New Hampshire before moving on to his first position at Natural Intelligence. Prior to joining Outseer in 2021, Jim served as VP of Identity and Fraud & Risk Intelligence Products and later as GM of the Anti-Fraud Business Unit at RSA Security.

Armen Najarian, Industry Advisor, Digital Fraud & Identity

Armen Najarian buy now pay later online shopping phishing

Armen Najarian’s career has spanned over 15 years in the world of B2B and technology marketing, working with high-profile companies such as IBM. Armen’s studies include a bachelor’s in accounting from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

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