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How Do Robots Learn? And Keep Learning While Living Among Us?

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How close are we to having robots exist in many places in our lives?

In this Cyber Security Inside What That Means video, Camille talks with Yulia Sandamirskaya. They get into how robots learn, what we need to consider as we develop them, and how privacy and security play a role in the development of this new technology.


What To Look Forward To and What to Be Worried About: How Robots Learn

There are so many different forms of robots, all the way from vacuum cleaners that can move themselves around to robots in Japan that look strikingly like humans. An interesting question is how close we want them to be to humans, since humans aren’t always the best or most efficient at doing tasks. And how we train them to learn is a part of this.

Robots are already in our homes, and will continue to be added to our homes. So should we be afraid that they continue to learn in their environments? It might actually be that we should look forward to it more than anything. 

The key is that while we are developing this technology, we are thinking about how the robots learn and what they are able to learn, and that we think about privacy, security and safety. 


Yulia Sandamirskaya, An Expert on How Robots Learn

Yulia, How Robots LearnYulia Sandamirskaya is an Applications Research Lead at Neuromorphic Computing Lab. She is an expert on all things robotics and neuromorphic computing. Make sure to check out Yulia’s paper that won Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Neuromorphic Systems 2022!

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