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Pushing Sustainability Further with Green Software

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How can something so abstract like software consume so much energy?

In this What That Means video, Camille talks with Asim Hussain, Director of Green Software Engineering and co-founder of the Green Software Foundation. They get into how green software reduces emissions and how it leads to sustainability in the future.

How Green Software Reduces Emissions

To kick off the conversation, Asim explains two ways green software, or sustainable software, works. It either purposefully minimizes its carbon emissions or eliminates them as much as possible. With the growing sustainability movement, it may be a surprise to learn that software is not leaning toward sustainability as quickly as hardware.

Regardless, there are still many ways developers can create green software. The first way is through energy efficiency or consuming less energy to operate. Hardware can also improve sustainability in software by running at high utilization and using fewer devices rather than running more hardware at low utilization. Finally, carbon awareness can help developers make their software more green by relying on renewable energy sources.

Sustainability for the Future with Green Software

The near future of green software can be brought on by individual software development teams who know their applications the best. Asim shares how the Green Software Foundation’s certification training is a great way for teams to enhance their understanding of sustainable software—and how the foundation also offers catalogs with tailored sustainability advice for different roles within computing. Additionally, the Green Software Foundation is developing a carbon-aware software development kit to assist with renewable energy workload balancing.

When it comes to the long-term future, Asim shares his ambitious visions. He hopes for a world where consumers don’t have to worry about making sustainable choices with their technology. Instead, sustainability should be fully embedded into the technology itself. The dream is for there to be no harmful environmental effects from using software since it would all be green software.

Asim Hussain, Director of Green Software Engineering at Intel and Co-Founder of the Green Software Foundation

Assim Hussain green software

Asim’s software development and sustainability career has been quite the journey. Before joining Intel in 2022 as Director of Green Software Engineering, he worked with many internationally-renowned organizations. Some of these include Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and the European Space Agency. The Green Software Foundation was founded in 2021 with Asim as one of its co-founders, and he is now a Chairperson and the Executive Director of the foundation.

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