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What Makes a Good Tech Leader with Rose Schooler

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What does it mean to be a good leader?

In this InTechnology  video, Camille talks with Board Member, former Intel CVP, and podcaster Rose Schooler. They get into Rose’s key takeaways for successful tech leadership, the story behind how she took an initiative and turned it into a billion-dollar business during her time at Intel, and the important role her family played in her career trajectory.

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Key Takeaways for Successful Tech Leadership

Rose begins by discussing her philosophy of “teach and learn,” particularly when she takes on a new position. Her strategy involves contributing half of her own expertise and value to each new endeavor while remaining equally open to ongoing learning and development. She underscores the importance of honing the ability to simplify communication, emphasizing consistency and clarity, a skill she acquired during a leadership course at the Darden School of the University of Virginia. Rose also underlines the essential skill for tech leaders of truly understanding your audience, whether you’re presenting or receiving presentations as a leader. She points out that engaging with your audience in meaningful ways can position you as a prepared and effective presenter, or it can assure presenters that their information is being well received by you as a leader. Additionally, Rose advocates for leadership that integrates head, heart, and hands, coupled with the bravery to advocate for what benefits the company and its people, rather than self-focused motives.

You can learn more of Rose’s tech leadership insights in her podcast, The Maestro Mindset.

Transforming an Initiative into a Billion-Dollar Business

Camille invites Rose to explain how she transformed a small project into a billion-dollar enterprise during her tenure at Intel. Rose attributes this achievement to several key factors: strategic intentionality, clear success metrics, and clarity of focus. She acknowledges, however, that fortuitous market timing also played a role. Her team identified an emerging need in the market, adjusted their strategy accordingly, and maintained their focus, leading to significant success. The strategy revolved around persuading Intel’s senior leadership to shift more attention towards Intel architecture, rather than focusing predominantly on network processors. By leveraging external data and consistently addressing problem statements in meetings, Rose and her team were able to evolve what began as a modest initiative into a venture that significantly impacted the industry.

Family Influences

Rose reflects on the influence of her family background on her career journey. She recounts how her mother, despite lacking a college degree, rose to become a senior vice president at a bank, while her father dedicated himself to his job as a steelworker in Western Pennsylvania. Having not attended college themselves, her parents recognized the value of higher education and fervently supported Rose in pursuing it. Despite experiencing times of financial difficulty, Rose draws inspiration from her family’s resilience and steadfastness, qualities that continue to guide her today.

RoseMary Schooler — Board Member, Former Intel CVP, Podcaster

Rose Schooler tech leadership women in tech maestro mindset

Rose Schooler presently serves as a Board Member at Densify, Arm, and Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Corporation. Her previous board memberships include Cloudera and Rexnord Corporation. Spanning more than three decades, Rose’s career at Intel encompassed various senior leadership roles, including Corporate Vice President of Global Data Center Sales and Corporate Vice President of IOTG Sales and Marketing. She also co-hosts The Maestro Mindset podcast alongside Dana Bos. Rose’s academic background features participation in the Intel Executive Accelerator Program from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education, as well as a B.S. in Ceramic Science and Engineering from Penn State University.


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