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Is Your Health Data Really Private? | Cybersecurity in Healthcare | Intel Technology

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How private is your health data?

In this InTechnology video, Tom and Camille talk with a pair of guests from Blue Shield of California—Bill Giard, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Health Innovation, and Eddie Borrero, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer. They get into security risks in healthcare, how to mitigate and prevent cyber attacks, and how artificial intelligence is also helping out.

Security Risks in Healthcare and Health Insurance

Bill and Eddie start off the discussion by explaining the most pressing security risks in the healthcare and health insurance industries, along with what’s causing them. The primary motivators for malicious actors are money and sensitive data. The healthcare industry is well-funded, but it’s also technologically behind and imbalanced compared to other tech industries. This leaves a wide gap for “bad guys” like hackers, criminal organizations, and nation-states to get their hands on extremely valuable and sensitive patient health information. With this data, individuals or even entire populations can be at risk for attacks ranging from ransomware to extortion.

Mitigating and Preventing Cyber Attacks

Thankfully, there is a strong movement on the security side of healthcare to prevent and stop attacks. Bill and Eddie share a variety of solutions for mitigation and prevention. Some efforts are being made at the individual level by educating providers and any healthcare industry staff about phishing attacks and security protection. On a larger scale, advanced technology is being used to stop attacks as quickly as possible and minimize their impacts. Centralization of sharing health data and establishing stronger control standards are also crucial for managing who can access patient health information.

Using AI for Security in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is proving to be especially helpful in securing patient information in the healthcare and health insurance industries. With AI and advanced analytics, security teams can respond much faster to cyber threats and prevent similar attacks from occurring. When it comes to providing healthcare itself, providers and insurance companies are utilizing AI for predictive health risks, improving overall care, and quickly and securely processing large amounts of data such as prior authorizations and insurance claims.

Bill Giard, Blue Shield of California Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Health Innovation

William Giard, or Bill Giard, has served as a Vice President at Blue Shield of California since 2021. His responsibilities encompass steering the technical course, managing the enterprise structure, fostering health innovation, and implementing robotic process automation within the company. Before taking up his current position, Bill devoted more than two decades to Intel, where he transitioned from a Principal Engineer role in the Data Center Group to become the Chief Technology Officer of Enterprise Strategy & Solutions in the Data Platforms Group. He earned his computer science degree from Portland State University.

Eddie Borrero, Blue Shield of California Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

With over twenty years of executive leadership experience, Eddie Borrero is highly respected as an intellectual authority in the field of information security. He assumed the role of CISO at Blue Shield of California in 2020, following a series of leadership positions in security and IT at internationally recognized companies such as Intuit, Robert Half, PG&E, Electronic Arts (EA), and Amgen. Eddie maintains an active presence on various boards, holding seats with Forgepoint Capital, Cyberstarts, HITEC, Cristo Rey De La Salle, WhimStay, and the Information Security Leadership Foundation. His educational background lies in business administration and management, with studies conducted at Stanford University, John F. Kennedy University, and Saint Mary’s College of California.

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