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Apple Vision Pro: Productivity Hack or Gimmick?

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Are AR headsets the way of the future?

In this InTechnology video, Camille talks with Tony Mongkolsmai, Software Architect & Technical Evangelist at Intel and host of the Code Together podcast. They get into Tony’s technical takes on how the headset works, plus how it fares in boosting efficiency and enhancing content enjoyment.

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Tony’s Tech Takes

In this segment, Camille and Tony delve into the similarities and differences between Tony’s digital avatar and his real-life appearance. They discuss observations from his family, who felt the avatar didn’t closely resemble him, and his friends, who found it relatively accurate. Tony elaborates on the Apple Vision Pro’s process for creating digital personas, utilizing a vast array of images combined with motion-tracking technology. He comments on the headset’s accuracy in replicating the real world, although he notes challenges with visibility in low light conditions and reading fine text. Tony is impressed by the device’s sound quality, which remains unobtrusive to those nearby yet clear to the wearer. He mentions the option for users to integrate AirPods for an enhanced audio experience and the ability to submit an eyeglass prescription for custom corrective lenses within the headset.

Work Efficiency vs. Enjoying Content

After spending a few days using the Apple Vision Pro in various settings, Tony shares his thoughts on its impact on work efficiency and entertainment. He finds value in connecting the headset to his Mac, allowing him to take his virtual workspace throughout his home. This setup proved useful for running applications like Visual Studio Code, offering the potential for increased screen real estate. Despite this, Tony notes that the headset did not significantly enhance his productivity. Conversely, he recognizes the Apple Vision Pro’s vast potential for consuming content, highlighting its capabilities for immersive experiences in live sports and concert events.

Tony Mongkolsmai — Software Architect, Technical Evangelist, Podcast Host

Tony Mongkolsmai apple vision pro augmented reality AR

Tony Mongkolsmai holds the position of Software Architect and Technical Evangelist at Intel, where his expertise centers on Cloud, AI, and HPC software and technology. In his tenure at Intel, he has undertaken various senior roles, such as Director of Program and Product Management and Senior Staff Machine Learning Engineer for Scale AI Datacenter within the Data Center and AI Group. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Tony is the host of the Code Together podcast, engaging with developers on the latest trends in technology. He earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


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