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Updating Patch Compliance in an Increasingly Digital World | Intel Business

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Should you run that patch now? Why did your colleague’s computer get an update but yours hasn’t yet?

In this episode of Cyber Security Inside, Tom and Camille dive into managing and securing patch updates with Gabe Frost, Group Project Manager at Microsoft.

You’ll learn: 

  • How conversations about patches and updates have changed over the past few years as we have become increasingly digital and hybrid.
  • How the wide variety of hardware and software combinations makes it difficult to predict how a patch will run.
  • New technology that is being developed to collect information to make patches and updates work in such a diverse landscape.
  • How to manage risk and security when sending an update to large numbers of people.
  • And more!

Check it out. For more information, previous podcasts, and full versions, visit our website at  

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