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TSA, Banks, Fraud: Greg Lavender Shares His Career in Cybersecurity | Intel Business

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What do you learn from many years in the field of cybersecurity? 

In this Cyber Security Inside video,Tom and Camille chat with Greg Lavender, Chief Technical Officer at Intel, about his career path, his experiences in banking and security, and his intriguing stories that illustrate cybersecurity ideas. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Greg’s career path from his interest in computers as a kid, to his coding career, to his experience in banking security, to his current position at Intel.
  • How you always need to assume you are going to be targeted, especially as a business or corporation, for cyber attacks.
  • Some of the procedures and security measures you follow to stop a cyber attack as soon as possible.
  • How cyber security is changing because of the increased amount of data and product, and the increased usage of both of those.
  • And more!

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