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Transparent Supply Chain: What’s Ahead in Security and Sustainability

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How do you know if every single piece of your PC is secure?

In this InTechnology video, Tom and Camille talk with Patrick Bohart, Director of Marketing at Intel. They get into how Transparent Supply Chain works and its many uses, plus how new regulations and expectations for supply chain security are leading to some rather dynamic developments.

Unpacking Transparent Supply Chain

In simple terms, Patrick outlines how Transparent Supply Chain is a sophisticated process of collecting information about compute products throughout their manufacturing, transportation, and delivery. The goal is to bring full transparency and quality assurance to vendors and end users about the security of their devices and active components through a series of electronic measurements. These measurements include components that communicate to subsystems as well as other groups that interact with the supply chain, including ODMs and OEMs.

Aside from tracking the security of components and products throughout the supply chain, the tools of the Transparent Supply Chain can also analyze sustainability elements of compute systems and their internal components. This additional usage came as a result of vendors asking for sustainability profiles.

New Regulations and Expectations for Supply Chain Security

Progress has been slow and steady from setting standards for supply chain security to enforcing them by various standards and regulatory bodies. Now, however, Patrick is seeing a massive rise in businesses wanting to take advantage of the Transparent Supply Chain. These customers particularly include IP-sensitive firms, financial services, and the government due to the very sensitive nature of their business and high-level security needs. Future developments for the Transparent Supply Chain include dynamic verification with active component root of trust along with improving security with blockchain technology.

Patrick Bohart, Director of Marketing at Intel

Patrick Bohart Transparent Supply Chain root of trust

Patrick Bohart has dedicated an impressive 26 years to Intel, serving in his present role as the Director of Marketing. He brings a strategic approach to his work, particularly when marketing PCs for business use. Patrick’s competence in marketing, product strategy, product launches, marketing strategy, and product marketing allows him to deliver optimal results. He holds an M.B.A. in Marketing from Portland State University and an M.A. in Education from the University of Colorado Boulder, supplementing his bachelor’s degree in physics obtained from the University of Oregon.


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