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Teamwork and Strategy: Winners of HACK@DAC Share Their Experience | Intel Technology

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What is a hardware security competition like? What are the strategies the winners used?

In this What That Means video, Camille chats with the three leaders of the teams that won the HACK@ event in December, Animesh Basak Chowdhury and Baleegh Ahmad from NYU, and Orlando R. Arias from University of Florida to learn more about the event and the strategy behind it.

You’ll learn: 

  • What the HACK@DAC event is, and how people choose their teams.
  • Some of the strategies used by the winning teams.
  • What the event is like while it is running, and why people should try and participate.
  • The realistic nature of the event and how it relates to the cybersecurity field itself.
  • And more!

HACK@DAC is a competition, coincides with the DAC conference, for penetration testing of the hardware and firmware. In this competition, participants compete to identify the security vulnerabilities, implement the related exploit, propose a mitigation technique or a patch, and report them. The participants are encouraged to use any tools.

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