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Teachers, Family, and Bees: What Inspired These Undergrads to Choose Cybersecurity? | Intel Business

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Are you interested in studying cybersecurity? Are you curious about what a program would look like and where it would take you? In this episode of Cyber Security Inside, Camille talks with undergraduate students Ifesi Dimma Onubogu, Isabella Siu, and Sarah Schaber, Princeton-Intel 2021 Alumni and participants in the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program.

Learn about:

  • How undergraduate students got interested in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, and what brought them to their current studies.
  • The Princeton-Intel summer program and what the students learned and gained from that experience.
  • What these thoughtful and talented students think about the importance of cybersecurity in different areas of study.
  • Advice these students have for high school students about their future paths and opportunities.