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Uncovering Insights from Listeners’ Top Voices in Sustainability 2023 | Intel Business

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What are the most valuable insights around sustainable technology in 2023?

In this InTechnology video, Camille explores a roundup of the most popular sustainability topics among our listeners. The first topic features Asim Hussain, Director of Green Software and Ecosystems at Intel, as he and Camille delve into green software. Next up is the fascinating world of electricity mapping, featuring Olivier Corradi, founder and CEO of Electricity Maps. The last topic is Camille’s exploration of energy efficiency in the cloud with Lily Looi, an Intel Fellow and the Chief Power Architect of Intel’s Xeon product line.

Sustainability In Technology: Rounding Up Key Insights In 2023

On the first topic in this roundup, Asim Hussain explores green software and three strategies for reducing carbon emissions. These strategies include energy efficiency, hardware efficiency, and carbon awareness. Software can become green by consuming less electricity while hardware efficiency deals with creating long-lasting devices and software that can run on older hardware, reducing the need for frequent upgrades. Carbon awareness focuses on building software that adjusts its intensity based on the cleanliness of the energy source. Listen to the full episode (EP 137) – WTM: Green Software with Asim Hussain.

Next in the spotlight is electricity mapping with Olivier Corradi. Electricity maps seek to help individuals and businesses understand the usage and source of electricity in an area and its associated carbon emissions. Commercially, electricity maps can help with energy efficiency in factories and data centers. According to Olivier, one such potential use case includes scheduling energy-intensive AI tasks to operate within periods when there is high renewable energy. Listen to the full episode (EP 147) with Olivier Corradi – How Green Is Your Electricity?

Finally, the last topic features Lily Looi as she breaks down energy consumption in data centers into three parts: cooling, powering servers & CPUs, and running the broader platforms. She outlines strategies for optimizing energy usage which include turning off unused cores, running systems at a lower frequency during light usage, and cooling the CPU through more efficient fans & advanced immersion. To learn more about improving energy efficiency in data centers, listen to the full episode (EP 148) – WTM: Energy Efficiency In The Cloud with Lily Looi.

Asim Hussain, Intel Director of Green Software and Ecosystems

Asim Hussain

Asim has over 20 years of experience in software development and sustainability, preceded by a degree in computer science from the University of Leeds. His exciting career path has included global organizations such as the European Space Agency, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Microsoft. In 2022, Asim joined the Intel team to lead Intel’s Green Software Strategy and to grow the Green Open Source Ecosystem. Asim also co-founded the Green Software Foundation in 2021 and now serves as Chairperson and Executive Director.

Olivier Corradi, Founder and CEO of Electricity Maps

Olivier Corradi

Olivier Corradi is the Founder and CEO of Electricity Maps, a company that organizes the world’s electricity data and drives the transition towards truly decarbonized electricity. He formerly worked as a Guest Lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Before this, he worked in notable organizations such as Connected Cars, Google, and IBM Zürich Research Lab. Olivier holds a BSc in Mathematics and Technology and an MSc in Industrial Mathematics Elite Program from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He also has an MSc from the CentraleSupélec in Mathematics, Management, Marketing & Economics.  

Lily Looi, Intel Fellow and Chief Power Architect of Intel’s Xeon product line

Lily Looi

Lily Looi is an Intel Fellow in the Data Platform Group, as well as the Chief Power Architect of Intel’s Xeon product line. She has been with Intel for over 30 years, starting as a Component Design Engineer in 1990 and serving in several engineering roles. Lily has an engineering degree from the University of Michigan and holds over 60 patents.


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