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Social Equity and Data Security with Rhonda Foxx & Monica Mahay | Intel Business

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What roles and responsibilities do companies like Intel have to advocate for the issues that matter to their employees and communities? Are diversity, inclusion, and equity destinations or ongoing journeys? How do data security and social equity influence one another?

In this episode of the “What That Means”, Camille Morhardt talks social equity and corporate responsibility with Rhonda Foxx (Head of Social Equity Policies & Engagement at Intel) and Monica Mahay (Head of Cybersecurity, Data & Privacy Legal for EMEA at Intel).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What gender has to do with tech equity
  • The likelihood of experiencing abuse online as a woman
  • What happens when company culture is created by and for one segment of people
  • What diversity, inclusion, and equity “really” looks like
  • And more!