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Quantum Computers Are Coming. Should We Panic About Security?

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How close are we to quantum computing? Should we be worried about security?

In this Cyber Security Inside video, Tom and Camille talk with Michele Mosca. They get into quantum computing and what we might need to be worried about in relation to cyber security. Although quantum computing will create a lot of possibilities for simulation and testing, it will also create a huge security risk. 


Quantum Computing vs. Our Current Security

Quantum computing creates an existential threat to how our devices currently function. With RSA keys (what we use now for encryption and security), we can make our devices more secure by getting bigger keys. However, quantum computing wipes out the time and effort difference in cracking keys of different sizes.

Instead of looking at bigger keys, with quantum computing we have to potentially develop a whole new system for security. With crypto, breaking one algorithm could even break many. Without sounding overly dramatic, we may need to replace how we operate in the security world entirely over the next decade or so.


Michele Mosca: An Expert on Quantum Computing and Security

Michele, quantum computing


Michele Mosca is co-founder, president, and CEO of evolutionQ. He is also the co-founder and professor of the Institute of Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. 

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