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CPUs, Accelerators, and Processors: Using oneAPI to Improve Computing

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What is oneAPI?

In this Cyber Security Inside What That Means video, Camille Morhart talks with James R. Reinders about the basics of oneAPI. In this mini episode, they get into what oneAPI is, why it is being developed, and more. James is an expert (some call him a oneAPI evangelist) and has a lot to share!


An Explosion of Computer Architecture

We are always trying to speed up our computers and create better processors. Whether that is to speed up deep learning, inferencing, video processing, or something else, the goal is usually speed. And there is an explosion of computer architecture trying to make this happen.

What oneAPI allows us to do is access an accelerator no matter what vendor it comes from or what architecture it uses. This is the goal – the “pie in the sky,” if you will.


James R. Reinders: The oneAPI Evangelist

James oneAPIJames is an HPC Engineer and oneAPI Evangelist for Intel. He joins Camille for this brief conversation on oneAPI, what it is, and why it is being developed.

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