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Intel’s Chief Security Architect Talks Trends in AI and Confidential Computing | Intel Technology

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How do you make sure AI is protecting against cyber attacks, while also making sure the AI itself stays secure across constant software and hardware updates?

In this What That Means video, Camille talks with Ron Perez, Fellow and Chief Security Architect at Intel. They get into how AI is being used for security, how security is being developed for AI from both a software and hardware standpoint, how resiliency and confidential computing go together, and more.

How AI Is Being Used for Cyber Security–and How Security Is Being Developed for AI

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but how we approach AI is always changing, particularly when it comes to security. Today, there are two aspects to consider when it comes to AI and security.

The first aspect to consider is how we use AI to enhance security, to find vulnerabilities, or to determine malicious behavior, while the second aspect is how we develop security specifically for AI itself. Both hardware and software need to be constantly updated to maintain data security and to make sure the AI can do its job in enhancing that security.

How to Improve Resiliency from Cyber Attacks, Especially with Confidential Computing

The biggest trends in security today center around improving resiliency from cyber attacks. How can organizations bounce back from an attack? And how do they prevent attacks against both outsider and insider threats in the first place?

Ron and Camille discuss how resilience can take on different forms. Organizations need to expect cyber attacks to happen and assess their ability to recover before it happens. They must ask themselves if resiliency means bouncing back to 100% functionality or if it means getting back to a minimum viable level of survival.

Confidential computing comes in here to prevent the wrong people from gaining access to sensitive data. As workloads and data are moved out to the edge, physical security becomes an increasingly important matter. With confidential computing, you don’t have to worry as much about the admin for any particular system or data center.

Ron Perez, Intel Fellow and Chief Security Architect

Ron Perez, Intel Chief Security Architect

With over twenty years of experience in tech, ranging from cloud computing to semiconductors, Ron Perez brings a wealth of knowledge to the ongoing discussions about security and technology. Ron does more than just talk–he has more than thirty U.S. Patents and has had many publications on the latest and most pressing topics in security. Today, he is a global leader in security as a Fellow and Chief Security Architect at Intel.

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