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In Cybersecurity, “Due To Supply Chain Issues” Means Something Else | Intel Business

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Supply chain security has taken on new importance, especially in a post-COVID world. From healthcare to finance, the cybersecurity threats posed to people’s lives are very real. On this episode of Cyber Security Inside, Tom and Camille are joined by Rick Martinez, Sr. Distinguished Engineer, Office of CTO at Dell Technologies, and John Boyle, Cybersecurity Solutions & Supply Chain Security Product Management at Dell Technologies, to break down what companies are doing to mitigate these risks, what best practices entail, how Dell and Intel have partnered up on the road to boosted supply chain security and more.

They’ll Cover:

  • The significance of a transparent supply chain
  • The details of the partnership between Intel and Dell, and why it’s important
  • The timelines involved in figuring out adversaries’ next moves and applying mitigations
  • How supply chain security is optimized
  • What Secure Verification Component is
  • Best practices for companies to follow
  • And more

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