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Electricity Maps, Climate Change, and Green Electricity | Intel Technology

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Do you know where your electricity is coming from, at this very moment?

In this InTechnology video, Tom and Camille talk with Olivier Corradi, Founder and CEO of Electricity Maps. They get into how electricity mapping works and the obstacles to fully green electricity.

Reversing Climate Change One Electron at a Time with Electricity Mapping

Electricity maps, in a simple explanation, show where electricity is coming from throughout the world and the carbon emissions that happen as a result. It’s a live look at how people are consuming electricity, built on the intersection of machine learning and climate change. The maps created by Electricity Maps follow real-world electric grids based on regions throughout the world, from countries to states and even smaller-scale regions.

Olivier believes reversing climate change relies heavily on people understanding their electricity use and related carbon emissions so that those emissions can be offset with more green electricity—in other words, helping people and companies be more sustainable. Sustainability and electricity can look like using renewable energy sources for electricity, collecting the energy from renewable energy sources when they’re most active, or shifting where certain high energy-consuming jobs are to where renewable energy is actively being collected.

Obstacles to Fully Green Electricity

While electricity mapping and granular accounting for electricity are off to a great start, things are still in the beginning stages—but shifting rapidly. Major companies like Google are already using Electricity Maps to optimize the electricity use of their data centers, Olivier explains. However, there are still some obstacles to running on fully green electricity.

The first obstacle is power generator companies, many of which use old assets and who aren’t as eager to share data on their electricity consumption. Another obstacle is needing more incentives for companies to do granular electricity accounting and not just yearly carbon emissions reports. Some other challenges include the disconnect between when electricity is generated and where it gets sent, along with the ability to buy electricity from renewable energy sources and store that energy for later use.

Olivier Corradi, Founder and CEO of Electricity Maps

Olivier Corradi is the Founder and CEO of Electricity Maps, which has the mission to organize the world’s electricity data, in order to drive the transition toward a truly decarbonized electricity system. He is a tech entrepreneur, data scientist, and software engineer with a background in math, statistics, and software development, working at the intersection of machine learning and climate change. Read up on the latest blogs, projects, and favorite resources of Olivier at

Check out the Electricity Maps website or download the Electricity Mapps app to see electricity mapped in real-time. You can also see Electricity Maps’ yearly review videos of electricity usage in the U.S. and in the EU on YouTube.


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