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From SolarWinds to SDL: Conversations on Cyber Security in 2021 | Intel Business

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There are so many aspects to cybersecurity; which are the most important? Which are most useful to me and how I use technology? In this episode of Cyber Security Inside, Camille and Tom revisit the best pieces of cybersecurity advice from experts they have interviewed throughout the year 2021. This advice is for users, companies, and manufacturers.

You’ll learn:

  • Always being prepared for the worst-case security scenario, such as the SolarWinds attack.
  • Accountability in cybersecurity and putting the training focus on IT and security professionals, rather than just users.
  • How remote work has impacted cybersecurity in how we access our work digitally and what physical systems we are able to have set up in our home.
  • How security should be a part of every aspect of a device, not just a feature.