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Facial Expressions, Body Language, and AI: Emotional Recognition | Intel Business

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Can technology sense when you are no longer engaged? What about when your emotional state changes? 

In this What That Means video, Camille talks with three experts in very different fields all coming together to look at intelligent systems and emotion recognition research. Her guests are Saurav Sahay (Staff Researcher and Manager of Multimodal Dialogue and Interactions Team at Intel Labs), Sinem Aslan (Research Scientists), and Dawn Nafus (Anthropologist). 

You’ll learn: 

  • What emotional recognition research is and why it is such a collaborative area of research across disciplines.
  • Areas this research is being tested and used in, including driving, classrooms, predictive text, and in medicine.
  • What types of sensors are used to collect data for emotional recognition.
  • The ethics and questions behind this research and what the researchers are doing to address them in advance.
  • And more!

Check it out. For more information, previous podcasts, and full versions, visit our website at  

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