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Cybernetics: Holistic Tech from Human & Environmental Perspectives | Intel Business

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What is cybernetic technology?  

In this What That Means video, Camille jumps into the conversation on cybernetics with Genevieve Bell. For International Women’s Day, the podcast is honored to have Genevieve as a guest, who is accomplished, thoughtful, and influential.

Genevieve Bell is Director of 3A Institute, Sr. Fellow at Intel, Director of School of Cybernetics, and Distinguished Professor at Australian National University.

You’ll learn: 

  • What cybernetic technology is, the history of it, and what is happening with it and artificial intelligence today.
  • How computer science is meeting climate change, privacy, and social sciences in the field of cybernetics.
  • How cybernetic technology is intricately connected with history and changing perceptions of privacy and control.
  • What sustainability looks like in cybernetics and cyber security.
  • And more!


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