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AI Everywhere: The Head of the Conference Shares Her Insights | Intel Business

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Have you thought about implementing AI training in your own organization? What tried and true methods are already out there?

In this Cyber Security Inside video, Tom and Camille conclude their interviews from Intel’s AI Everywhere conference by talking with Nufar Gaspar, Director of AI Everywhere at Intel and Product & Strategy at AI Group. She is also the head of the conference itself. 

This conversation is part 3 of a 3 part series from AI Everywhere, ​​an internal Intel initiative and conference which includes keynotes, tech talks, tutorials, and an AI expo. The objective of this internal meeting is to encourage Intel employees to apply AI thinking and approaches to their jobs.

You’ll learn: 

  • Tips for creating and leading AI training and conferences from the head of this conference.
  • Discussion about the methodologies that already exist for implementing AI.
  • The importance of AI experts and business experts collaborating and leveraging each other’s skills when implementing AI. 
  • Advice on not reinventing the wheel, since AI and its methodologies have been around for longer than one might think.
  • And more!

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