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The Future of Software and Endpoints as AI Reaches Distributed Computing | Intel Technology

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Where will AI models go outside the cloud?

In this InTechnology video, Camille talks with Chris Kelly, VP of the Client Computing Group and GM of Platform Software Definition and Strategy at Intel. They get into advancements in AI distributed computing and what’s next in the AI-enhanced PC era.

Advancements in AI Distributed Computing, Software, Chip Production, and Transistor Size

Chris discusses the rapid pace at which AI technology is progressing, noting how the computing world is striving to keep up. Consequently, cloud storage is increasingly insufficient for large AI models due to issues such as high costs, latency, and privacy risks. The way forward, Chris suggests, involves training these expansive AI models through data centers and edge devices, with data interpretation occurring directly at the endpoints. Hybrid AI models are also part of the solution. Discussing semiconductor manufacturing and the miniaturization of transistors, Chris cites the importance of Moore’s Law. He mentions that the industry is adopting a disaggregated architecture to avoid unnecessary moves to advanced processing nodes. On the topic of transistors, he delves into groundbreaking developments in 3D gate technology, material science, and metallization techniques.

The Next Chapter in Client Computing: The AI-Enhanced PC Era

Discussing the future of personal computers and client computing, Chris expresses his optimism to Camille. Contrary to skeptics, he believes that the PC will continue to evolve, thanks in part to AI. He forecasts significant changes in the next two to three years, including the integration of AI functionalities that will expand the capabilities for both end users and developers. According to Chris, these changes will supplement and enrich existing workflows rather than replace them. He is also keenly interested in how independent software vendors will adapt and innovate in this emerging AI-powered PC landscape.

Christopher Kelly, Vice President of the Client Computing Group & General Manager of Platform Software Definition and Strategy at Intel

Christopher Kelly ai distributed computing moores law

Chris Kelly is a pioneering figure in both organizational management and microelectronics technology, driven by a desire to create tech solutions that cater to user requirements. Since joining Intel in 1995, he has held various roles in engineering and leadership. In 2018, Chris took on the position of VP of the Client Computing Group, and in 2023, he took on the role of GMr for Platform Software Definition and Strategy. Academically, he holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.


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