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AI Adoption: Talent, Democratization, and Finding Value | InTechnology Podcast

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What are conversations about AI leaving out?

In this InTechnology video, Camille talks with Navin Budhiraja, CTO of Vianai Systems. They get into what’s often left out yet still important to AI conversations and how businesses can best integrate AI.

AI Conversations: Beyond the Usual Topics

Camille and Navin discuss the overlooked aspects of AI dialogues, which typically center around generative AI and large language models. Navin points out the scarcity of AI skill sets as a major hurdle. Gaining proficiency in AI requires significant investment, often limiting talent acquisition to major tech firms. He references President Biden’s Executive Order on AI, advocating for broader AI education accessibility beyond large corporations. Navin also underlines the significance of open-source contributions to AI development and cautions against risks like deep fakes and bots. He emphasizes the evolving role of developers in two ways: experienced developers enhancing productivity using AI, and non-developers benefiting from AI-assisted coding tools.

AI Integration in Business

Navin discusses how generative AI is equalizing expertise across fields, predicting its widespread adoption in software, legal, and medical sectors without displacing jobs. He foresees generative AI becoming integral to service delivery in various companies. Vianai, and similar companies, guide others in understanding their niche, audience, and business workflows to effectively implement AI. With a future offering a vast array of AI models, companies must judiciously select and orchestrate multiple models, often customizing pre-trained models with proprietary data. Navin stresses the importance of understanding AI’s true value in business adoption.

Navin Budhiraja, CTO of Vianai Systems

Navin Budhiraja generative AI open source

Since 2022, Navin has been the Chief Technology Officer at Vianai Systems. Before taking on his current position, he held various executive and senior leadership roles at several companies, including Ansys, Infosys, SAP SuccessFactors, CubeTree, The Dealmap, Amazon, Augmentum, and Vitria Technology. In addition to his role at Vianai, Navin is actively involved as a Technology Advisor and Board Member at CoralTree and also offers his expertise as an Advisor for The Hive. His academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.


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