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Cyber Security Inside Podcast

Cyber Security Inside: 100th Episode Fun Fact Countdown

It’s official – 100 Cyber Security Inside podcast episodes. Time to celebrate!

tom garrison and camille morhardt podcast

At the end of each episode of Cyber Security Inside, we like to have a little fun. If you are new to our podcast, welcome to the top-10 countdown of one of my favorite segments within each episode. Not only do we share the latest security topics, innovations, and ideas at the conclusion of each Cyber Security Inside podcast, we also like to share “fun facts” where myself, Camille Morhardt, and our guests share interesting quips unrelated to security topics.

If you love trivia and useless facts as much as I do, here is a preview of what you will find in our 100th episode celebration podcast, AKA “Tom and Camille’s 100th Episode Fun Fact Spectacular.”

Here is a countdown of our Top 10 favorite fun facts, also available for your listening pleasure (LINK):


legos in a pile 123rf

Alex Ionescu joined us in Episode 66 to discuss “Will Sharing Genetic Info Haunt Us Later?

Evolutions in Security.”  We also learned that he is quite the Lego enthusiast. Never a project too big for Alex and his son, they’ve built some spectacular Lego sets. Alex’s fun fact was that it is possible for Lego sets to be mis-packaged with an incorrect piece. Because the packaging system looks for colors, size, and weight when sorting, sometimes an alternate piece sneaks in to fool the sorting system. In fact, it’s a one-in-a-million chance to get such a mismatch. The good news is that Lego will gladly fix the mistake. From the Lego site: “Please click “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site to order the part you need to finish your set.”


Apples in a market

Not only did we learn that Jason Oxman knows a lot about infrastructure, in episode 70 titled “From Information Highway to Cyber Speedway: Should Cybersecurity Get Pole Position in the New Infrastructure Bill?” – we also learned that the ID stickers on fruit are edible! Turns out the FDA requires fruit stickers to be edible (not to taste great, but passable through your digestive system). Jason must love fruit as much as we all love talking about Cyber Security. Find 5 more facts about fruit stickers here.


image of venus the hottest planet on earthOur 8th most favorite fun fact came from me – I always enjoy a little planetary trivia. If I were to ask you what the hottest planet in our solar system was, what would you say? I’m not psychic, but you were probably thinking Mercury, weren’t you? We all thought that too. However, facts be true, Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system.  It’s not because it’s the planet of love, but rather due to it not having any atmosphere to regulate temperature. Bonus fact about Venus is that the orbit of Venus is 225 earth days. One year on Venus is actually 18 days less than a day on Venus. A year is shorter than a day on Venus. That’s pretty cool. Huh?


peregrine falconOur number 7 top fun fact also came from me. I’ve always been fascinated by birds of prey, specifically falcons. Falcons are well known for using their talons and stealth to hunt prey. However, one of the most interesting falcons – the Peregrine falcon – has such small talons that they have adjusted strategy for competitive advantage. These small but mighty hunters, during their hunting stoop from heights of over 1 km (0.62 mi), reaching speeds of up to 320 km/h (200 mph), ball up their fists and punch prey to stun or kill mid-air. These light-weight champions know how to hunt with zeal! More facts about Peregrine falcons can be found on this page of All About Birds: This fun fact was dropped in episode 87, “Privacy Considerations in the IOT Era” with guest Pierre Racz, President at Genetec.


camel smilingMy co-host, Camille Morhardt has some great adventures when we aren’t recording podcasts. Our Cyber Security Inside top fun fact #6 comes from her recent adventures with camels. Hmmm… Camille… camel… I don’t dare! However, she did find some camels that live near her and learned quite a bit from their handlers. Did you know that camels are picky creatures, smelling their food with one nostril at a time before deciding to eat? It also turns out that they can exhale air out of their nose that is much cooler than their body temperature. This helps them reduce water loss. Camels really are built for desert life!

5earth population, fun fact #5

In episode 95 we spoke with Intel Senior Principal Engineer, and Lead Security Architect Raghuram (Raghu) Yeluri about Innovation in Confidential Computing. We also had our 5th favorite fun fact. Coming in at number 5, if you took the entire population, human population, of earth and you stood them shoulder to shoulder, everyone could fit within the 500 square mile city limits of Los Angeles. Talk about crowd control!


Our 4th favorite fun fact goes all the way back to episode 63 where we spoke with Rick Jordan from Reach Out Technology on “Why Some Tech Employees Turn to E-crime.” I highly recommend catching the replay of this episode, not only because it had top-5 fun fact, but also because it is a hot topic for cyber security experts world-wide. According to Smithsonian Magazine,  there is a moth in Madagascar that exclusively eats the tears of sleeping birds. They use their beaks to slip under the eyelid to feed. Yikes!


lightning strikeIf you’ve ever tried to catch a lightning strike with your camera, you know they are fast and tricky to catch. In the year 2020, a single lightning flash over Uruguay and Northern Argentina lasted 17.1 seconds. Can you imagine that? That nipped the old-time record of 16.7 seconds. That is just a tremendous amount of energy. You know what else has a tremendous amount of energy? Our topic in episode 89 with Intel Chief Technology Officer Greg Lavender, talking about “Cyber Attacks, Bank Fraud, & More.”



cockatooThe runner-up for our 100th podcast episode top fun fact, was from Malcom Harkins in episode 96 where we discussed “Cybersecurity of the IoT: Protecting Our Systems.” In addition to a great chat about protecting IOT systems, we also learned that the most dangerous animal in the Grand Canyon is the rock squirrel because of the damage they cause to the electric grid and structures. Another animal that causes problems on the electrical grid is cockatoos, who sharpen their beaks on fiber optic cables.


goldfishWe have reached our pinnacle of fun facts! Our number 1 fun fact, in celebration of 100 Cyber Security Inside podcasts features goldfish. This comes from CSI episode 92 guest, Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel who talked to us about “Diversity and Careers in Cybersecurity: It Starts with Kids,” and shared this awesome fun fact: Did you know that there was a study in Israel that put a goldfish on a device that would allow them to drive a vehicle around a room to retrieve a treat? Yes, you read that right, there is a lab in Israel that taught a GOLDFISH to drive!

There you have it – our top 10 fun facts gathered from our 99 previous Cyber Security Inside Podcasts. We are proud to have reached 100 podcasts episodes, thanks for joining our celebration!

Whether you are a loyal listener, curious consumer, or budding technology futurist, we’ve enjoyed sharing this adventure in Cyber Security Inside with you.

What are some of your favorite fun facts from previous episodes? Tweet me @TomMGarrison with your favorites, or perhaps share some new fun facts we can use in future episodes!


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