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Cyber Security Inside Podcast

Introducing Cybersecurity Inside

Originally published 9/16/2020 by Intel Tech

Author: Tom Garrison, VP & GM of Client Security Strategy & Initiatives

Compute Lifecycle Assurance

CLA Phases

  • PREVENT- Extend relationships with a vast collection of external security researchers, academia, and other eco-system partners.
  • RESOLVE- Invest in security assurance via security design principles, training, and internal red-team security analysis to build products utilizing the latest in security design best practices.
  • LEAD- Advance the industry on platform security through robust partner collaborations, whitepapers, and speaking engagements.
  • INNOVATE- Roadmap of innovation to deliver increase trust and assurance across the lifecycle of the device.

Introducing Cybersecurity Inside Podcast

To further the conversation, we are kicking off a bi-monthly Cyber Security Inside podcast series — a place to discuss relevant topics in clear, easy to understand language, intended for security experts and business people alike. Industry leaders will join in a conversation about today’s most important and timely security topics. Our goal is after listening, you walk away smarter about cyber security, and of course have fun along the way! Here is a quick introduction to the series.

Securities Key Elements

Our first episode will explore key elements of cyber security you can’t ignore with Maribel Lopez. Maribel is founder and principal analyst at Lopez Research focused on digital transformation and co-founded the Emerging Technology Research Council, which is a community of business and technical leaders in Fortune 1000 companies focused on driving innovation and business value with mobile and other emerging technologies. In the first podcast, you will hear myself, Camille Morhardt, Chief of Staff in Intel’s Product Assurance and Security Division, and Maribel Lopez talk about the overall security landscape, the hidden elements in cyber security and future trends.

Business and Remote Security Challenges

I know when I talk to Intel customers, managing the complexity of how one security tool impacts and influences another security tool is a huge challenge for them. And this threat becomes more urgent with COVID, forcing a shift in business security to consider how to boost security in home environments. The solution must be good; if not employees will find ways around the IT solution, which can cause even more issues. We are just at the beginning of a significant transition when you consider today’s security, challenged by the changes driven by COVID, and will require us to continue to build on our definition of what it means to be secure.

If you are interested in hearing more, tune in to the Cyber Security Inside Podcast The Key Elements of Cyber Security You Can’t Ignore on apple podcasts or google podcasts. Additional podcasts focused on supply chain are available with guests Michael Mattioli, Principal Engineer at Goldman Sachs & Co. and Rebecca Achariyakosol, Lenovo Executive Director, PC Services Global Marketing.

If you are interested in learning more, check out for a list of podcasts and YouTube videos. Content includes topics from security careers, supply chain security, AI, NLP, digital transformation, and more. Follow me on Twitter at @tommgarrison.

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