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Trailer: Cyber Security Inside

Hi, I’m Tom Garrison and I’m Camille Morhardt. On Cyber Security Inside we explore with you and security experts, emerging trends, including threats and new technologies, along with established best practices and techniques. We examine the trends in security that you need to know about.

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Guest: That concept of what normal user behavior is, is it topsy-turvy in a world where people are working remotely. But that zero trust concept seems to be where we’re going right now.

We also go behind the scenes with experts to dissect recent security events.

Guest: SolarWinds was not the first and they won’t be the last. So whatever you would have done to respond to an actual compromise, those are the things you need to put in place today.

We get the definitions directly from those who are defining them.

Guest: Homomorphic encryption, in this case, would allow healthcare type of services that can perform analysis on sensitive data related to patients without revealing personal information.

And Camille and I make sure to have fun along the way.

Camille: Former Deputy Director of the NSA said, “frankly, the number one threat experience to date by US electrical grid is squirrels.” (laughs)

Join us every week for Cyber Security Inside and walk away smarter about cyber security. Follow us wherever you get your podcasts.

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