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#7 – Trailer: Our New Companion Podcast “What That Means”

Ever wished there was a companion series to Cyber Security Inside? Then you have to check out Camille’s new podcast, What That Means, launching next week.

Each episode, Camille will focus on one topic or term related to what we’re covering over here at Cyber Security Inside. She’ll chat with top technical experts in the industry and get the definitions directly from those who are defining them. So you can get a refresher and go a little deeper with the best of the best.

What types of topics can you look forward to on What That Means?

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Sustainable computing
  • Human factors
  • Gaming

Just to name a few. Be on the lookout for the first episode!

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[00:00:00] Tom Garrison: So Camille today is the day where we get to tell people that you’ve been working on a companion series. Maybe you can explain to everybody what you’ve been up to.
[00:00:13] Camille Morhardt: Honestly, I found myself in some of our conversations in this podcast, Cyber Security Inside, wondering what really is the definition of what we’re talking about. So, for example, sometimes I’ve heard these terms so many times that they’ve become part of my regular vocabulary, but I realized I’ve actually forgotten what they literally mean, or I haven’t kept up with what they’ve evolved to mean.
So in preparing, I reached out to some of the top technical experts in industry just to give myself a refresher course on some of these topics and wow I found it truly fascinating what I was hearing. So we started recording. The companion series is called What That Means. And our tagline is “get the definitions directly from those who are defining them.”
[00:01:03] Tom Garrison: I think this sounds exciting. So we’ll cut right through the sort of buzz and hype and whatever else and talk directly to the technical experts to define whatever term you center in on.
[00:01:16] Camille Morhardt: Absolutely. And then we’ll go just a little bit deeper and get some of the hottest topics and arguments in their fields for another few minutes.
[00:01:24] Tom Garrison: Great. And those will be linked to topics that we are talking about in this podcast series, too.
[00:01:29] Camille Morhardt: Absolutely. Yes. It’s a perfect companion piece to Cyber Security Inside.
[00:01:34] Tom Garrison: So Camille, can you give us an idea of the topics that you’re going to be covering?
[00:01:38] Camille Morhardt: Sure. The first one that we’re going to release is with Rita Wouhabi on Artificial Intelligence and then we’ve got another lineup, so we have Blockchain with Mic Bowman. We’ve got topics on carbon neutral compute human factors and gaming. Just to give you a few.
[00:01:55] Tom Garrison: That sounds fantastic. And, when is the first time that we’ll publish the What That Means podcasts?
[00:02:00] Camille Morhardt: The first one that we’re going to do is artificial intelligence, and that’s going to be released just before Thanksgiving.
[00:02:07] Tom Garrison: Excellent. I’m excited to hear about it.

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